Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo Shoot

So happy to have an updated family picture. I love the addition of Whitney. Feeling blessed to have such an amazing family. 
An impromptu photo shoot with my camera... Love these two! They are my whole world. There's nothing quite like sisters. So glad my girls have each other. I'm sure glad I have mine... I adore Alexis. always have. always will.
I clearly can't get enough. I cherish being a mother to these two little girls. They bring me so much happiness every day. Gwen and Reese are becoming inseparable. I love to watch their relationship grow.
Time flies. Reese is crawling everywhere. She loves to stand up to furniture and walk when we hold her hands. She eats just about anything, but still has no teeth. She adores Gwen, but I must say I'm her favorite right now. She is a mama's girl. I seriously couldn't ask for a sweeter baby. I just melt when she snuggles her little head into me. She constantly smiles and still has the most kissable cheeks. I have a feeling she is going to be the peacemaker of our family.
Gwen is a party a minute. She has such a fun personality. She looks forward to Preschool and Nursery every week. She likes to pick out her own outfits and they always have to be pretty, like a princess. She likes to say that she doesn't have to go to school, but I think she really enjoys it. She never turns back when I walk her to the door. When I pick her up from preschool she runs and wraps her little arms around me saying "mommy, mommy I missed you". She sure knows how to make me feel like a million bucks. Gwen has quite the dance moves and sings random tunes all day. She loves to put on a show for us. She is a happy little girl and makes us laugh daily. We sure love her.
I feel like my life is hectic and busy at times, but it's the little priceless moments I have with my family that I realize everything you do as a mom is so worth it. 


  1. McKenzie! Your family pictures are gorgeous. I love them. Your little girls could not be cuter. I love the photo-shoot you did. Lucy mentions Gwen on a daily basis. She always says she wants to move to Provo so she can see Gwen every day. I can't wait till the next time they get together! They have the best time. I'm so glad you are cherishing this time with your kids. It's helping me want to cherish my time more! Woah, it's really hard sometimes. :)

  2. I love those two little girls so much! I forgot how much I love those pictures of you guys! Your girls are stunning and are only babies, can't even imagine how breathtaking they're going to be when they grow up... just like their mamma!

  3. Such a sweet post.I think you are a wonderful mother Kenz. You have an adorable family and the cutest girls ever!

  4. K so crazy! Everything you just described about Gwen, is so Paislee!! These 2 are desisted to be best friends!! I really want to get them together, here is my number 801-427-8853 seriously text or call me this week! Lets get these cute girls together! Ps- the family pictures are so gorgeous! Such a beautiful family

  5. What gorgeous pictures and such a beautiful family!

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